Never run out of charge

Ather Duo

A charger you can fix at your parking spot with the wall mount or carry it along in your boot. It’s a fixed charger when you are at home and a portable one when you are not.


Ather Portable or Fix Charger

Fits into any 6A 3-pin socket when you need it and into the boot when you don’t.

Charge on the go

India’s largest
two wheeler fast
charging network

chargers in 99+ cities
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Ather Grid Public Fast Chargers

Fast, reliable and all over Indian roads, just like our scooters. Find one, plug in, charge, monitor charge status and pay, on the Ather app.

Charging speed up to

15 km / 10 min

Charge in
your university

Convenience is finding a charger where you are. Charge any EV at the places you frequent and pump up your range. Roam freely, keep changing plans on the go.


Ather Neighbourhood Charger

Bring our charging infrastructure into your apartment, university or workplace and always be ready for your next ride.


Chargers installed
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